Steering Relationships Through Negotiating - Alex Carter

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Many people think of money, jobs, or products when they think of negotiating. However, Alex Carter, a world-renowned negotiation coach, tells us differently. “To negotiate means to steer. Negotiation is not a back and forth over money. It’s any conversation you have where you are steering a relationship.”

We use negotiation to steer our relationships and build on them so that we can create value for everyone who is sitting at the table. Negotiation allows us to guide our relationships and interactions productively and positively, which is why Carter so passionately teaches us how to negotiate well.

“Those relationships are what help you build really strong teams that produce value for everyone so that everybody can win.” Building relationships where people feel seen, heard, and served, will benefit everybody in the long run, whether this be in a professional setting or in the home.

There is a common theme every hard worker focuses on when looking at their wants and needs for their situations. “What every person on this earth wants is to be seen first for who they are, what they need, and what they bring to the table, and then they want to be served.”

When focusing on negotiating, you are most likely to steer all of those relationships to work in your favor.

“A relationship in negotiation is a perceived connection that can be psychological, economic, political, or personal; whatever its basis, wise leaders, like skilled negotiators, work to foster a strong connection because effective leadership truly depends on it.”

When creating a durable relationship in negotiation, there are some concrete steps to take. Two-way communication, strong commitment to the best outcome, reliability, and respect for those who make up an organization are all important qualities.

Once you incorporate these traits into your organizational relationships, it allows you to strengthen your negotiation process to feel more comfortable with discussing different wants and needs of both parties. When everyone feels respected and heard, this builds the best path forward.

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