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Negotiation Keynote Speaker

Alex is an internationally renowned, sought-after keynote speaker on negotiation, mediation, leadership, and all things communications.

Her audiences include numerous groups from both the private and public sectors including the United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, AM Law 200 Firms, and professional associations.

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Keynote Topics:

Only 7% of people know the secret to great negotiation – but mastering it is simpler than many people think! No matter where they start, anyone can improve their negotiation skills and see quantum-leap results in their professional lives. In this innovative, interactive talk, Alex gives audiences several powerful tools to achieve immediate, massive results in their negotiations. Straight from the pages of Alex’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything, participants learn how to ask powerful questions and then “land the plane” for the greatest effect. The results? Better deals, fewer losses, and a lot more collaboration across the board.

Whether you’re looking on the business bookshelf or at TV hits like Succession, many of the negotiation models out there are male. Alex believes that women have always been powerful – but they haven’t always been included in the conversation on negotiation. From the latest research as well as powerful personal experience, Alex teaches women of all seniority levels a new way to think about negotiation – and how to approach it from one’s natural strengths. By the end of this engaging, interactive workshop, participants will have the tools they need to grow in their careers, develop business, unlock greater value from their existing client relationships, and feel more confidence and clarity when negotiating work-life balance. Alex also shares research and strategies specific to women’s self-advocacy, including: claiming credit and expertise, amplification, and mastering the “I/we ask.” Options include using small group breakouts to work on hypotheticals, foster connections, and encourage an open environment for candid conversations.

Negotiation isn’t just about numbers—it’s also about messages. An essential part of that message is how we talk about ourselves, both within our companies and with clients. Participants in this workshop will learn how to drive huge growth and prevent unnecessary loss by communicating powerfully, how to develop the negotiation resilience to get past a “no” and persevere until it’s a “yes,” and how to advocate for themselves by asking the right questions. In this interactive talk, Alex offers tactics and strategies to help participants nail their communication skills and masterfully negotiate on behalf of themselves in any context.

Money is important—but it’s only half the story. In fact, nailing certain critical everyday negotiations—for access, for boundaries, for information, or for time—is often what moves the needle for professionals running a business, leading a team, or pursuing a new role. In this tactical interactive talk designed for your organization’s senior leaders, Alex teaches the most powerful non-monetary asks in any negotiation. Participants will learn how to drive major results and prevent unnecessary loss by advocating for everything they need to succeed and thrive.

Negotiation is more than the way we talk to other people – it’s also how we talk about ourselves. Many of us find it difficult to discuss our expertise and accomplishments, whether inside our teams or with clients – but to reach our goals and achieve meaning in our careers, we have to claim our expertise! In this tactical and empowering workshop, Alex will give professionals the tools to understand their strengths, frame their accomplishments and become their own ultimate self-advocate. Participants will walk away from the workshop with the skills to allow others to share in their wins, put their talents to the best use, and realize their dreams and ambitions.

Command, clarity, and confidence in any situation—that’s the X-factor known as “executive presence” and every leader needs it. Executive presence exists both in the words we choose and how we speak them. In this constructive and illuminating workshop, Professors Alex Carter and Anne Marie Nest-Pinero unpack the inequity inherent in the concept of executive presence, while also giving participants research-backed strategies for choosing the right language and speaking it with confidence. Attendees will emerge ready to fully embody executive presence—in any room.

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Small Group Workshops

For certain clients with whom she has an established, ongoing relationship in the form of at least one large group event per year, Professor Carter offers small group coaching/accountability groups for professionals.

These smaller groups, primarily for high-potential and mid-level-to-senior women, are designed to follow up on the larger keynotes Professor Carter provides.

They can be run regularly—every two months or once a quarter. Their small enrollment cap (up to 20 participants) allows for everyone to participate, work toward their goals, and share challenges.

Professor Carter also runs small group workshops with women plus their high-priority clients, which not only enhance professional growth, but also drive business development, deepen client relationships, and reduce attrition.


  • Claiming credit and expertise
  • Speaking with power when you negotiate everyday situations
  • Finding mentors and sponsors even as you mentor and sponsor others
  • Leadership and negotiating relationships within your team which not only enhance professional growth, but also drive business development, deepen client relationships, and reduce attrition
  • Negotiating work-life balance
  • Negotiation in the home
  • Executive Presence Through the Voice, featuring Professor Carter’s colleague, Professor Anne Marie Nest-Pinero

1:1 Coaching

For clients who partner with Professor Carter for a year or more, she offers add-on, high value services that drive revenue, save losses, and improve employee satisfaction. For example, Professor Carter has worked with major companies in the following ways:

  • 1:1 coaching with C-Suite Executives, senior women, or others with targeted, high-impact advice on deals, client relationships or challenges within the office
  • Executive Presence in Public Speaking: 1:1 public speaking and presentation coaching led by Anne Marie Nest-Pinero
  • Additional small group coaching with mid-level employees, new employees, or others

Online Negotiation Courses

Professor Carter’s corporate training courses distill the most impactful negotiation skills that drive results into eight modules. The coursework extends significantly beyond what Professor Carter can cover in a single book or live event, helping corporate professionals learn, apply, and master negotiation skills that will substantially increase their effectiveness at work. And crucially, all of the lessons are broken down into short mini-modules people can watch five minutes at a time.


Strategic Negotiation for Organizations

Ready to get more value from your deals? Avoid needless losses at the negotiation table? Improve cross-department collaboration while also improving the bottom line? Learn all this and more from Professor Alexandra Carter, author of the WSJ best-selling business book, Ask for More. In this course, your professionals will receive six powerful modules designed to significantly extend their skill set and improve their results, no matter their level of previous negotiation experience.

With a substantive accompanying workbook, your participants can work at their own pace to master the secrets Alex has used to help Fortune 500 companies, major transnational organizations, top law firms and start-up companies achieve massive results: increased revenue, fewer needless losses, and greater intra-company communication and morale.

Package options featuring a live Q&A with Professor Carter available upon request.

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Be Your Own Ultimate Self-Advocate

Ready to ask for more this year? Want to be your own best self-advocate? Learn from Professor Alexandra Carter, author of the WSJ best-selling business book, Ask for More. In this course, you’ll get four powerful modules – Words to Say (and Not to Say) in Negotiation, Getting Past the Fear of “No,” Turning “No” to “Yes” and Handling Emotions in Negotiation – that will help you seriously level up your negotiation skills.

With an accompanying workbook, you’ll drill down to master the secrets Alex has used to help people increase their compensation by $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more – and feel confident while doing it! In just minutes a day, learn to claim your worth and your seat at the table.

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