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Alex partners with A+E Networks to create an innovative and groundbreaking series of Empowerment & Negotiation Workshops.

Welcome to the growing community of people who are asking for more!

Welcome to the growing community of people who are asking for more!

Welcome to the growing community of people who are learning to ask for more! Whether you’re at the start of your negotiation journey or someone who negotiates for a living, there’s something here for you.

These free resources are meant to inspire, guide, and educate you as you step into who you were meant to be. They provide insight and clarity into Alex’s negotiation tactics for use in business and everyday life.

Webinars, quote cards, and a precursory PDF workbook are all available for free to those who want to hear more from Alex. These resources are excellent accompaniments to Alex’s courses, keynote speeches, and books. They cover vital topics that are relevant to her audiences – from individuals, all the way to large organizations and corporations.


In these webinars, Alex examines critical and timely topics, like managing a work-life balance, negotiating through turbulent times, and conducting virtual conversations. The pandemic has largely impacted the way that we conduct both personal and business interactions, and Alex helps guide communication during these changing times. These webinars are provided at no cost to those who are ready to change their lives with negotiation. Join the community of people who have been able to step into their future with Alex’s guidance.

Alex Carter Quote Cards

Alex’s quote cards hold insightful and inspirational phrases taken straight from Alex’s keynote speeches, courses, book, and webinars. These are downloadable and can be shared to spark inspiration among colleagues. Employees, professional organizations, students and many other audiences can benefit from the helpful knowledge provided on these quote cards.

The Negotiation Mirror: A Free Workbook for Getting Started

This workbook offers invaluable guidance, and outlines five essential questions that are needed before starting any successful negotiation. This workbook is FREE, will set the reader up for successful negotiations, and acts as a precursor to Alex’s courses. The Negotiation Mirror produces productive introspection to prepare for effective negotiation.

Get The Negotiation Mirror

Get the free PDF guidebook that will help you unlock the first step in all great negotiations: understanding yourself.