Alex Carter - Columbia Law Professor and Author of Ask for More

Alex partners with A+E Networks to create an innovative and groundbreaking series of Empowerment & Negotiation Workshops.

Alex Carter helps people and companies be heard.

Every year, she helps thousands of people make deals, resolve conflict, and step confidently into their future.

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Alex Carter is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and negotiation coach, specializing in delivering research-backed, tactical, and approachable negotiation and leadership training.

For more than a decade, she has been a professor at Columbia Law School and a leading keynote speaker to the Fortune 500, United Nations, and AmLaw 200 – helping companies achieve more from their negotiations from behind some of the biggest boardroom doors in the world.

Her highly rated keynotes and small group workshops cover topics such as strategic negotiation, self-advocacy, amplification, leadership, and executive presence.

Alex is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential through self-advocacy and knowing how to ask the right questions. As a keynote speaker, she shares key strategies that improve leadership, self-advocacy, communication, executive presence, and negotiation skills.

Negotiation is so much more than deal-making. It’s sales. It’s client relations. It’s storytelling. It’s risk mitigation. It’s collaboration. It’s human capital management. It’s innovation.

The fact is that negotiation is like oxygen – it powers people, teams, companies and nations. Everyone wants to be better at it. And yet so many people, no matter how credentialed, lack the cutting-edge skills or the confidence to negotiate at their best.

Alex gives people – and organizations – the tools to unlock their fullest potential. Every time she takes the stage, her goal is to produce one of the highest-rated events in your organization’s history.

In Alex’s best-selling book, Ask For More, she lays out effective approaches that anyone can use to ask for more. Whether in business interactions or at home, Alex offers guidance on how to ask the right questions.

Many believe that in negotiation, one side must ‘win,’ or both sides compromise and end up with less. In this groundbreaking book, Alex offers a powerful ten question framework for successful negotiation where both sides emerge victorious. Alex’s proven methods provide more than just getting the “yes” one time, and instead provide value that lasts a lifetime.

Ask for More gives the reader a toolbox to build clarity, perspective, and an effective dialogue for any important discussion, no matter the topic.

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Alex Carter can help anyone negotiate better, and feel confident doing it.

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